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Digital Echoes, a podcast on international law & technologies

The FLD and the Amsterdam Centre for International Law
organised a series of conferences:

International Law & Technologies : New perspectives on Normativities

This project, led by Andrea Leiter, Associate Professor at the University of Amsterdam and Delphine Dogot, Director of the Masters in Law Governance & Technology, focused on international law and technology, with its theoritical and methodological approaches, hypotheses and concerns, as well as new interdisciplinary ways of working. A number of specialists in international law, international relations and legal theory were invited to present their work.

If you missed this event, the podcast series Digital Echoes based on the recordings of the lectures is now available to listen.

You can lsiten to it on Völkerrechtblog and soon on Spotify, on the Völkerrechtspodcast channel.

A second season is already in preparation and should be released in the autumn.

If you would like to discuss this topic, please contact Ms Delphine Dogot :



Article edited the 6 March 2024

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