LL.B. in Business Law & Management
(double degree – EDHEC)

The Business Law & Management programme, jointly created with EDHEC Business School, is a four-year programme designed for students looking for dual competency in business law and management. During this programme, students will benefit from courses taught in English in both areas of study. This programme responds to the needs and evolution of the labour market (for legal practitioners, tax specialists and business lawyers) allowing our students to become real business partners.

Double degree:

  • Diplôme FLD : diplôme reconnu par l’Etat en convention avec Toulouse 1 Capitole – Licence Droit, Economie, Gestion, mention Droit + Master Droit, mention droit des affaires
  • Diplôme EDHEC : LL.M Tax and Law 

Training site : Lille Campus

Past papers :


  • Holder a 2nd year of a bachelor / LL.B.
  • Good level in English : B2 according to Common European Framework)
  • Based on application file – Exam (paper “droit des obligations” + general knowledge questionnary) + interview

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  • Our partners : AFJE, Ordre des avocats de Lille



Acquire a dual competency in business law and management.


Courses with an international dimension: courses in English from the second semester of the third bachelor year.


Earn dual degrees from the Faculty of Law (FLD) and EDHEC.



  • Flipped classroom for all law courses favoring learning and interactivity.
  • Practical exercises (practical cases/case studies/role play/study of real cases…) / held by many practitioners.
  • Seminar to prepare for law firm internships: “From research to the utilization of documentary resources”.

Career development

  • 2-month internship at the end of the third year of the bachelor’s program.
  • Gap year between the first and second year of the master’s program.
  • Partnerships: AFJE & the Lille Bar & a lot of law firms and companies.

BLM Year 1

60 crédits ECTS – 680h

Transition module (SEM 1)

  • EDHEC students
    • Introduction to civil law, criminal law and justice organization
    • Droit des obligations
    • Public Law fundamentals
    • Methodology
  • FLD students
    • English
    • German or Spanish
    • Maths
    • Culture générale économique

Commun courses / First semester

  • Business communication
  • German, Spanish or Italian
  • Comptabilité générale
  • Macroéconomie pour l’entreprise
  • Managerial economics
  • Software for business
  • Civil law
  • Droit commercial
  • Droit des biens

Commun courses / Second semester

  • Data, Analysis and Decisions (DAD)
  • Introduction to marketing
  • Fiscalité
  • Management organisationnel
  • Introduction au droit anglo-saxon et des pays asiatiques
  • Introduction to finance
  • Business communication
  • German or Spanish
  • Civil Law
  • Droit des sociétés
  • Stratégie de recouvrement de créances
  • Introduction to european law

BLM Year 2

60 crédits ECTS – 620h

First semester courses

  • Corporate finance
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Marketing management
  • Strategic management: Principles & practice
  • Managing Human Capital
  • Business Game
  • Pitch Academy Seminar
  • LV2
  • Droit des entreprises en difficulté
  • Droit français de la concurrence
  • Droit international privé
  • Régime général des obligations

Second semester courses

  • Legal environnement & business decision makin
  • Governance & responsibilit of business entreprise
  • Cost accounting
  • Business development & innovation
  • Methodology
  • Contrats commerciaux
  • Droits des effet de commerce
  • Contracts and public markets
  • Droit pénal des affaires
  • International commercial law
  • Droit social et GRH
  • Technique fiscale

BLM Year 3

The BLM Year 3 refers to a work placement period.

BLM Year 4

60 crédits ECTS – 554h

First semester courses

  • Business Ethics for Lawyers
  • Law, Strategy & Lobbying
  • Drafting & managing international contracts
  • Strategies in litigation, arbitration & ADR
  • Ingénierie contractuelle
  • Ingénierie structurelle
  • Ingénierie fiscale
  • Advanced Competition Law
  • Risk management, compliance & Human rights
  • TICD
  • Master Project STEP 1
  • Legal practice & research 1
  • Personal data protection
  • Droit des contrats (MédiaLab)

Second semester courses

  • Practice of M&A
  • Intellectual property rights in globalised and digital economies
  • International tax law
  • Capital markets law
  • Compliance, Human rights & risk management
  • Economics analysis of law
  • Legal practice & research 2
  • Family business law
  • Leadership
  • TI&CD
  • Droit en action
  • Master Project


Career development

Avocat en droit des affaires

Avocat fiscaliste



FLD experience

I decided to join the BLM program in order to become a business lawyer, specialized in mergers & acquisitions. The main strength of this double degree program is to enable students to truly live the experience of a top Business School in addition to a privileged access to Law courses with renowned practitioners. At the end of this program, I really feel that I have acquired an entrepreneurial spirit, that will help me for sure to easily understand my clients’ needs.

Theotime, BLM student

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