Faculty of Law – Issy-les-Moulineaux



  • Issy-les-Moulineaux is a very pleasant town, with the advantage of being close to Paris, but without its disadvantages.
  • It has excellent public transport links, with direct access to Paris by metro, tram, bus and train.
  • Issy-les-Moulineaux has a wide choice of sports and cultural activities, thanks to the Clavim, the town’s facilities and associations.
  • There are plenty of parks close to the campus, and you can enjoy the banks of the Seine.


  • There are many work areas available on campus for students to study (in groups on their own)
  • A resource centre allows students to work in a calm and quiet atmosphere as well as to carry out documentary research
  • IT rooms are at students’ disposal and are open to all


  • There is a school restaurant on campus serving many varied and balanced meals. Students may also use the available microwaves.


  • Accommodation is available for students on the http://housing.univ-catholille.fr/fr/login platform (use the accommodation platform by simply requesting a code from the lesfacultes@univ-catholille.fr email address).
  • The FLD Issy-les-Moulineaux campus is located just a few minutes from a number of parks, allowing students to play sports or simply go for a walk.


The campus is served by a wide range of transport services, all of which are less than 10 minutes away.

RER is 6 minutes away
  • RER C – Issy
Metro is 12 minutes away
  • Line 9 – Marcel Sembat
Tram is 8 minutes away
  • T2 – Les Moulineaux
Bus stop is 5 mins away
  • Bus 260 – stop at Île Saint Germain
  • Bus 289 – stop at Île Saint Germain
  • Bus 123 – stop at Île Saint Germain
  • Bus 389 – stop at Île Saint Germain


  • Nemesis: Students Union

    • To make your student life at the FLD as enjoyable as possible, the Student Office is committed to offering you a range of activities throughout the year. It supports students in their extra-curricular life through a variety of events to help them fulfil their potential within the university!
  • Social & cultural associations

    • Les Tribuns : This eloquence association organises debates, lectures and eloquence competitions at the Faculté de Droit to promote public speaking among students.
    • ResPublica : This association aims to raise awareness of political life among students on the Issy-Les-Moulineaux campus. On the programme: meetings, encounters with political figures, after-works, etc.
    • Le Cercle : This is the think tank of the faculty! It organises debates and reflection sessions for students on campus and promotes passionate speakers.
    • L’Edit : This is a medium for students at the Faculty of Law. It is written by students from different classes, on a wide range of topical subjects and in different formats (publications, podcasts, social networks, newspapers, videos, etc.).
    • La Tribune de l’Europe : The purpose of this FLD association is to publish a journal of the same name, organise conferences and student meetings, and set up a website and digital and audio-visual means of communication.
    • Lawmonerie : This campus association offers students the opportunity to share and exchange ideas, so that all students who wish to do so can live out their spirituality.
  • Programme associations

    • Lawropéenne : This is the student association of the faculty’s Bachelors of european law. It offers activities on the theme of Europe throughout the year, as well as organising MUNs (Model United Nations) and conferences.
    • World and Law : This is the student association of the FLD’s Law and Legal Culture degree. It offers students lectures, debates, seminars and round tables on legal, global and economic issues.
  • Artistic association

    • Jurid’Art : This is the faculty’s artistic and cultural association. Throughout the year, it presents exhibitions, films, plays and literary outings to students and covers current cultural events in the form of articles, podcasts, interviews, reports, etc.
  • Humanitarian association

    • Issy solidaire : The aim of this FLD association is to help people in need throughout the year: humanitarian collections, roadshows, solidarity second-hand shops, etc. They are motivated and full of resources and plans to help others!
  • Sports association

    • • Lawbron James Sports office : this association organises activities for students on campus to give them access to sport throughout the year.


  • It association aims to create a network between students, former students of the Faculty and professionals.