FAQ Funding your studies
The FLD, a private higher education institution, cannot function without the contribution of families.  All questions related to the financing of studies are in this FAQ.

FAQ Student services / Student life
The Faculty has a very rich community life which strengthens the bonds of solidarity between students. Numerous services are offered to students to enable them to be fulfilled during their studies. All the answers to your questions on these two topics are in this FAQ.

FAQ Professionalization
Our students are supported and placed at the heart of the construction of their professional project. They benefit from the assistance of the Career Center, which offers them numerous support mechanisms to help them build their future. All your questions are here in this FAQ.

FAQ Admissions/Registration
Admission and registration are the first two steps in starting your university year. Here you will find all the questions you might have about this.

FAQ Apprenticeship
At the FLD, some Masters are alternating courses. They allow students to pursue a university career while integrating the professional world through a 24-month work-study contract or an apprenticeship contract (or 12 months if integration begins in M2). All your questions are here in this FAQ

FAQ Studying at the FLD
“Studying at the FLD means joining a centre of excellence and high standards in the field of legal education. Our training programmes reflect the diversity and the evolution of the legal sector to which it is adapted” – Ioannis Panoussis Dean of the FLD. All questions about our programmes are available in this FAQ.

FAQ Other topics
Here you will find the FAQ for all the questions we did not manage to put in the previous sections. The FLD should now have no secrets for you. However, if necessary, we have provided a contact form so that we can really answer all your questions.