Graduate Diploma in International Compliance and Business Ethics

This programme is held exclusively online
Next session in September 2024

The graduate level diploma (Diplôme universitaire) in international compliance and business ethics is a fully online and bilingual programme for students and professionals seeking an advanced specialisation in corporate compliance and business ethics with a focus on the multilevel current regulatory approach.

Within the tradition followed by the Faculty of Law of the Université Catholique de Lille, 70% of the courses are taught in English by native-speaking experts specialised in different subfields of corporate compliance.

The diploma has been designed perfectly in line with the Master Programme Business and competition law. Indeed, the Diploma International Compliance and business ethics completes the advanced approach to competition law compliance provided in master 2 Business and competition law, offering strong and complementary knowledge and practice in major corporate compliance and business ethics issues. In this perspective, both degrees allow students to build deep and solide compliance programs able to secure business conducts by making a clear difference between conducts inducing violations and sanctions from valid and secured strategic business decisions avoiding unnecessary over compliance.

The programme may be of interest for :

  • students from law faculties specialised in business law, or students from business schools (Ecoles de commerce), or Instituts d’études politiques (Science Po).
  • Compliance officers, risk experts, corporate managers or global corporate law advisers, lawyers, civil servants interested in building a strong expertise in compliance and business ethics

Content of the programme and evaluation
The students will receive advanced training in anti-corruption mechanisms, fight against illicite finance, terrorism and money laudering, as well as global abuse of law by corporations, in particular tax evasion, data protection and cyber security, duty of care and compliance officer methodology. The evaluation process takes place through an individual pratical exercice allowing students to build and individual and effective compliance programme.

Public & prerequisites :

This programme is open to professionals from all fields, lawyers and non-lawyers.

  • Public –  Students that justify of a Master 1 in one of the following fields : law, economics, école de commerce, sciences politiques and professionals from any industry
  • Language proficiency – excellent or at least good command in spoken and written English
  • Application requirements and supporting materials : Cover letter, CV, Copie of the master 1 diploma or transcript of the marks for the students or a certificate justifying of a professional activity for professionals

A double certification with the Delaware Law School (US)

Since September 2022, the Graduate Diploma offers a double certification in partnership with the Delaware Law School, USA. Indeed, under the agreement signed by the two institutions in February 2022 and presented during the webinar jointly organised by the FLD, the DLS and the WEC, “Fraud is on a Global Scale! Are you next?”, graduates of the ICBE diploma of the Faculty of Law of the Université Catholique de Lille will be able, if they wish to, to follow online the courses of the Delaware Law School allowing them to obtain an American certificate in compliance, i.e. either the Corporate Law Regulatory Analysis § Compliance Certificate or the Certificate in Global Financial and Cyber Crimes



Understand the concepts of business ethics and compliance and identify their cultural specificities depending on the field and the countries or geographical areas concerned.


Acquire and implement for businesses top compliance tools as strategic competitive assets at the european and international level.


Correctly assess business issues within a crossborder background in order to build and implement deep compliance programs able to secure business conduct and avoid over compliance.


This Graduate diploma is directed by Mrs. Andra COTIGA, Professor of Private Law at the Faculty of law of the Université Catholique de Lille and coordinated by a scientific advisory committee composed of Mrs. Véronique Goncalves, lawyer at the Paris Bar, Mrs. Giuliani-Viallard, lawyer at the Paris Bar and Mrs. Chloé Saby, expert in compliance and business ethics.

The courses are designed and structured in a practical and interactive form. They are taught by professionals and academics with solid expertise in compliance and business ethics at the international level, particularly in Europe, the United States, Asia and Africa. The modules are conducted in English and French and can be taken entirely online. Depending on the health context and the students’ requests, the courses can be taken in hybrid mode (online and face-to-face simultaneously).

The evaluation of candidates will be carried out in an exclusively practical manner through the completion of a personal project applied to the field of compliance chosen by the candidate.

The DU is organised in two main blocks of competences, each of which can be the subject of a university certificate. This sub-division allows the student to follow all the units of the Graduate diploma in a continuous manner or to follow only one block of competences that is the subject of a university certificate. Thus, a learner can obtain the Graduate diploma in two stages, acquiring one by one the two university certificates that make up the Graduate diploma.

Programme – Graduate diploma in International Compliance and Business Ethics

150 hours – Thursday & Friday evenings, and Saturday mornings.

UE1 : BUSINESS ETHICS (multicultural ethics, business ethics and company codes), 5h


  • International and european anti-corruption rules, 5h
  • American anti-corruption rules, 5h
  • Implementation of regulations and police and judicial cooperation, 5h


  • Abuse of companies, 5h
  • Fight against money laundering, financial fraud and terrorist financing, 5h
  • Fight against tax evasion, 5h


  • RGPD, 10h
  • Cyber Sécurity, 10h


  • Introduction to CSR and international sources, 8h
  • CSR and recent reforms, 8h
  • Duty of vigilance, 4h


  • International and supranational norms applicable to companies (ITO, USA, EU), 10h
  • Extraterritoriality of US law, 10h


  • Investment and compliance in Africa 10h
  • Investment and compliance in Asia 10h


  • Compliance and governance, 5h
  • Compliance management system, 5h
  • Alert procedures, 5h
  • Risk mapping methodology, 5h



Certificate 1 – Corporate social responsibility, business ethics and data protection (75 hours)

Thanks to a transversal and holistic approach, the CU1 focuses on corporate social responsibility, business ethics and data protection.


  • UE 1 et 5 « Corporate social responsibility and business ethics », 25h
    Identifier les obligations normatives de l’entreprise en termes de CSR/ RSE,
    – Mettre en place les procédures internes nécessaires pour assurer l’éthique ainsi que les engagements CSR/RSE,
    – Inscrire le programme de compliance dans les valeurs éthiques de l’entreprise,
    – Concevoir, rédiger, mettre œuvre un code de conduite/code d’éthique,
    – Minimiser et gérer le risque de responsabilité civile de l’entreprise et/ou des dirigeants, en particulier dans les groupes de sociétés.


  • UE 2 and 3 « Anti-corruption rules, anti-money laundering, counter terrorism and financial crime», 30h
    –  Décrypter les obligations imposées simultanément par différents niveaux normatifs d’application parallèle ou exclusive et/ou extraterritoriale,
    – Minimiser et gérer les risques d’engagement de la responsabilité pénale de la société personne morale et/ ou des dirigeants,
    – Sensibiliser aux risques tous les niveaux hiérarchiques propres aux entreprises internationales,  en particulier les groupes de sociétés.


  • UE 4  « Data protection », 20h
    – Initiation/Mise à niveau/Maîtrise technique de l’environnement numérique de l’entreprise,
    – Décrypter les obligations imposées par les différents niveaux normatifs (national, européen, international) dans l’utilisation de la technologie numérique au service de l’entreprise,
    – Les enjeux de la mise en conformité au RGPD,
    – Identifier les risques et opportunités résultant de l’application du RGPD,
    – Assurer la sécurité de l’information au sein de l’entreprise (cyber-sécurité).

Certificate 2 – International expansion, compliance and Compliance Officer methodology (75h)

Thanks to a transversal and holistic approach, the CU2 focuses on international expansion, compliance and Compliance Officer methodology.

 6,7, 8, 9 and 10 UNITS PROGRAMME

  • UE 6, 7, 10 – International trade and foreign investments, 45h
    – Décrypter les sources internationales des sanctions économiques (OMC, UE, USA),
    – Protéger les activités commerciales de l’entreprise des sanctions économiques internationales,
    – Anticiper et gérer un contentieux économique international,
    – Intégrer la compliance dans la stratégie d’investissements en Afrique et en Asie.
  • UE 8 et 9 – Compliance officer methodology, 30h
    – Comprendre la dynamique d’un dispositif de compliance selon le cycle Shewart (la roue de Deming),
    – Savoir mettre en place un dispositif de compliance PDSA (plan – do – study – act),
    – Savoir mettre en place les procédures d’alerte et identifier des référents dédiés selon la typologie de l’alerte,
    – Savoir élaborer une cartographie des risques préalable à l’élaboration d’un code de conduite/ code d’éthique.

Programme Director

Admission & costs

Admission process

For any questions about application and funding :
To apply to this programme:


  • Graduate Diploma in International Compliance and Business Ethics
    • Students of the Faculty of Law, Université Catholique de Lille : 1590€
    • Students from other faculties : 1990€
    • Professionals taking in charge the costs individually : 3000€
    • Professionals funded by their business : 4500€
  • University Certificate (CU) in Corporate liability, data protection and business ethics or CU International expansion, compliance and compliance officer methodology
    • Students : 1000€
    • Professionals : 1500€

The FLD experience

``Compliance and ethics are major issues for companies that must integrate them into their European and international development.
In a multicultural, globalised and competitive context, this Graduate diploma aims to train professionals from all backgrounds in these fundamentals.
Appropriation, adaptation and creativity will thus enable these professionals to integrate and then develop together the compliance and business ethics of tomorrow's world.

Véronique Goncalves et Amélie Giuliani-Viallard, lawyers at the Paris Bar (Elysée Avocats) et lecturers at the FLD (Lille et Issy-les-Moulineaux campuses)

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