Tuition fees & financial help


The Faculté de Droit, private higher education establishment, registered charity cannot function without the contributions of families.

The cost is adjustable depending on financial resources, fiscal status of household and stock indices of the CROUS.

You can get a direct estimation of your tuition fees online:


  • Lille Campus :
    from €3,030 to €10,530 per year
  • Issy-les-Moulineaux Campus :
    from €4,050 to €11,970 per year
  • Law Bachelors year 2 integration programme :
    €990 per year
  • LL.B. in Business Law and Management (EDHEC-FLD):
    Bachelor 3 (year 3) – €10,000
    Masters 1(year 4) – €15,000
    Masters 2 (year 5) – €15,000
  • Work-study Masters in Law (apprenticeship contract) :
    For apprenticeship contracts, tuition fees are covered by the company. Applicants have to find their company and apprenticeship contract otherwise they will have to pay €5625 yearly and validate their student year with an internship.
  • Work-Study Masters in Law (internships) :
    €5625 per year

*Rates shown are intended to be indicators and are liable to change. During registration, the applied scale lasts the length of the degree program and cannot be increased by more than 3% per year. In case of financial difficulties and significant changes in means, the student must compile a dossier to be addressed to and examined by the solidarity committee (“commission de solidarité”).

Please note that this price does not cover “contribution of student community and campus” CVEC (€90), student services (students projects €40 + application fees (except Parcoursup) €85), campus services (€50), legal fees (€100). Multiple payment fees (€41). These supplementary charges do not apply to students on apprenticeship contracts.

Help financing your studies

Dispositif de financement des études (FLD) / FLD Study grant

A new study grant system will be offered for the next academic year by the Faculté de Droit in order to favourise the acceptance of high level students and reward the most deserving students.

This FLD study grant is addressed to students currently in Bachelor’s 1st year, who meet the following criteria:

  • CROUS grant holder or fiscal income lower than € 50,000
  • At least 16/20 annual grade average in A-Levels or equivalent

FLD Study grant : € 1,500 per student
In the event of the programme’s withdrawal, the student will refund the FLD Study grant.

Application grant procedure for september 2021:

Send a file to before July, 15th with attached :

  • Cover letter,
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Photocopies of grade transcripts for A-level / Baccalauréat or equivalent
  • Photocopies of request for grant OR of CROUS notification + parents’ tax notification

20 grants will be attributed between the 2 campuses. The amount of each will be up to 1500€ per student and is payable after the beginning of the University year.

Other financial helps