LL.M. in International and European Law
Business & Competition Law

  • Master 1: LL.M. in International & European Law/Bilingual – Business Law
  • Master 2: Advanced LL.M. in International & European Business & Competition Law

The LL.M. in International & European Business & Competition Law offers a specialisation in business law, in particular competition law, contract law, company and insolvency law. This programme provides a significant percentage of lessons in English (about 50%) by teachers and practitioners
with a solid international business experience.

Degree requirements

  • Holder of a law degree or a Master 1 of law or equivalent
  • Good level in English (C1 according to the Common European Framework)
  • Applications are considered with regard in particular to the level of English and knowledge in Business Law (student report and interview)

Accredited French diploma issued through Toulouse Capitole 1 University
“Master’s of Laws, Economics, Management
– specialisation in International Law
– course of study in Business and Competition Law”

Training location : Lille campus

Zoom on

  • 100% of the LL.M in International and European Business & Competition Law were in employment and/or further study six months after graduating.
  • 70% of courses are taught in English.

Partners/events/study abroad opportunities

  • Business Case Day : alongside the DLGA Law Firm Lille France, the Master’s 2 DAC programme each year organises a 24 hour competition otherwise known as the “Business Case Day”. The students have 24 hours to solve practical cases in business law and present their solutions in front of a panel of experts. The first prize consists in a long term traineeship. In 2018, 3 traineeships were afforded from:
    1) Mobilis Company
    2) BPN
    3) DLGA Law Firm


  • The M2 DAC programme welcomes the annual meeting of the business and Financial law SIG, ELI Vienna, on January 2019, 25th.


  • On February 2019 7th, our students welcome Mrs Florence Raynal as a special guest for the seminar Data Protection and crossborder Mobility of Data.

Aim of the programme

The Master’s Programme in International & European Business & Competition Law offers in its first year 1) abroad specialisation in the international and European practice of business law. In particular, the Master’s 1 programme focuses on several fundamental aspects of business law, such as competition law, contract law, intellectual property law, transport law, criminal business law, company and insolvency law. Moreover, this programme provides a significant percentage of lessons in english (about 75%) by teachers and practitioners with a solid international business experience.

During the second year of the Master’s (Master 2), the program of study provides a strong focus in competition law. The main courses deal with essential aspects of national, european and international competition law such as : cartels and abuse of dominance, mergers, state aid, comparative competition law EU/US, procedural aspects of competition law. Complementary courses dealing with business law topics linked to competition are also provided, such as law of the companies in an international environnement, mergers and acquisitions, supply contracts. As in master 1, 90% of the courses within the master 2 are taught in english by academics and experts with international legal expertise.



  • The Master 1 is 75% taught in English.
  • The Master 2 is 90% taught in English.
  • Participation in International moot courts: Master 1 students take part in the Williem C. Vis International commercial arbitration moot court in Vienna, Austria, while Master 2 students take part in the competition law moot court at King’s college in London.
  • Interactive seminars with high intellectual exchange between the professor and the students ; study based on a practical approach, where students are helped to apply legal theory to concret hypothesis.
  • Within the Master’s 2 programme some seminars take place inhouse, meaning, they are held in relevant institions or law firms. For example, students benefit from visits at the French and Belgium competition authorities, EU Commission, OCDE and law firms in Brussels and Paris.

Professional project

  • Possibility of doing an internship abroad (company, institution, law firm or summer university) or in France in an international company or law firm.
  • Meetings with law practitioners especially during the annual IELS international Job Dating & Careers.
  • Individual help for your professional project and your studies.
  • Visiting professors providing an interesting network for jobs and internships.

Master 1 – Business Law

60 ECTS credits – 600h+60h


  • International Responsibility & Litigation
  • International Private Law
  • European company law
  • European litigation
  • EU policies
  • Human Rights & Fundamental Liberties
  • International Arbitration
  • International Private Law


  • Competition Law
  • Insolvency law
  • Company Law
  • Contract Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • International Trade Law
  • Transport Law
  • Criminal Business Law


  • Advanced International Law Clinic
  • Research Seminar in International and EU Law


  • Legal English
  • German / Spanish / French as foreign language

Master 2 – International & European Business & Competition Law

30 ECTS credits – 464h


  • Company law in an international environnement
  • Comparative competition legal systems
  • Competition law: State Aids
  • Competition law : Mergers
  • French competition law
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Distribution law
  • Proceedings in competition law


  • Practice of French competition law
  • Practice of international trade law
  • Practice of the law of companies in an international environnement
  • Cartels and abuse of dominance
  • Practice of competition law and intellectual property
  • Economics of competition law


  • Legal English
  • German / Spanish / French as foreign language


• Research Seminar in International and EU law
• Advanced International Law Clinic
• Legal English
• German / Spanish / French as foreign language


  • Advanced International Law Clinic
  • 3 to 6 months internship + report
  • Master’s thesis
  • Research seminar cycle: digitalisation / competition law / business law

Academic team

Master 1


Fundamental Unit

  • Mamadou HEBIE – Ilias PLAKOKEFALOS : International Responsability and Litigation
  • Aurélien RACCAH : European Legal Proceedings
  • Alissa PELATAN – Mominik DUSTERHAUS : International Private Law
  • Andra COTIGA : European Company Law

Deepening Unit

  • Jindrich KLOUB : Competition Law
  • Véronique GONCALVES : Insolvency Law
  • Alexia ARMAOS : Contract Law
  • Michael OTTLEY – Véronique GONCALVES : Company Law

Knowledge Management Module

  • Aurélien RACCAH : Research Seminar in International and EU Law
  • Georgios ANDRIOTIS : Advanced International Clinic Law (compétition internationale des plaidoiries)


Fundamental Unit

  • Antonio DEL SOLE : EU Policies

Deepening Unit

  • Vincent CASSIERS : Intellectual Property
  • Florin DASCALESCU : International Trade Law
  • Mélanie BRUNEAU : International Transport Law
  • Jean-Baptiste POTIER : Criminal Business Law

Knowledge Management Module

  • Aurélie VILLANUEVA : Advanced International Clinic Law
  • Aurélien RACCAH : Research Seminar in International and EU Law

Job & careers/ Study opportunities

  • Master 1 : business lawyer with a solid background in international and european general business law (company and insolvency law, contract law, competition law, intellectual property law, commercial arbitrage).
  • Master 2 : business lawyer, specialised in competition law.
  • Master 1 and Master 2 students may take the bar exam in France or upon equivalence of their studies in other EU member states.
  • Master 1 students may be part of an international exchange program such as the Erasmus program and study abroad during one or two semester of the Master 1.
  • Master 1 students may transfer from other french and European universities into the Master 2.
  • Master 2 students may take part in a dual degree exchange programme with the Delaware Law School (second semester of the Master 2 will take place in the US, and a double degree diploma will be delivered in parallel to the Master 2 diploma).
  • Students having completed the exchange programme with the Delaware Law School may take the New York Bar exam contigent upon the approval of the New York Bar commissions.

Avocat en droit des affaires

Juriste d’entreprise

Responsable juridique


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