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Virtual reality as a way to experience reality for our future lawyers!

Innovative teaching methods for our students

Anne-Claire Grandjean, Senior Lecturer in Public Law, has brilliantly initiated a new experience with her students in the context of her simulated litigation course, using virtual reality. Indeed, for her, it was the perfect opportunity to “transmit theory while being as close as possible to reality and practice”, a particularly innovative way of learning and developing skills.

Acting responsibly in an emergency situation, knowing how to answer the questions of a client who is lost in a complex legal procedure, keeping one’s composure and composure even when confronted with a client whose behaviour is not very pleasant, are all skills developed in the context of this new and innovative educational experience.

This experience has real assets as it allowed the students to practice conducting an interview with a client before a hearing held in class. This was a great opportunity for them to be confronted with all kinds of reactions, sometimes even vehement ones, “that we don’t learn in books and that are generated according to the answers that the students give”.

Thanks to Benoît Saguez, Multimedia Project Manager at the Université Catholique de Lille, this virtual reality experience was repeated the next day as part of the teacher’s course on administrative litigation procedure with third-year students. Again, this course was a real success, demonstrating the capacity of virtual reality tools to offer new learning perspectives to students.

A big thank you to the students of the Masters Professions Juridiques et Administratives, directed by Delphine Pollet, who then invested themselves 100% in the writing of their thesis and conclusions.

As Anne-Claire Grandjean points out, “It is a real emotion for a teacher when, on the occasion of the hearing, students take on the role of the future professional they will become tomorrow!

Article edited the 4 January 2023