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Alumni Garden Party: the rain did not ruin the event!

For almost 30 years, the FLD Garden Party has been a real moment of reunion and sharing for our alumni students!

As the FLD main building is currently under renovation in order to provide the best possible welcome to its future students, and as we had to put up with a very rainy season, it is within the Faculty of Medicine of the Université Catholique de Lille that our Alumni met on the 12th May.

Our 95 alumni students had the pleasure to take part in a short visit of the University and the many changes that have taken place, and then went to the “Billet Room” known for its charming vaults to start the evening. Our Dean, Mr Ioannis Panoussis, who also attended the event to meet his former students, gave a lively speech, reminding our alumni that the FLD is, and always will be, their “home”.

It was a great pleasure for our graduates to discuss their different career paths and also an excellent way to meet up with fellow students while expanding your network! The evening continued late into the night, the desire to prolong the conversations and the moments together being particularly marked this year!

Thanks again to everyone and see you next year for another Garden Party that we hope will be sunny!

Article edited the 22 May 2023

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