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The FLD and EDHEC join forces for a new great programme !

This new programme has been under consideration and creation for several months. It was an ambitious project, since the aim was to create a double degree combining two areas of expertise, law and finance. We obviously needed a partner of choice, and it is with the EDHEC Business School teams that the FLD worked to create the International Law and Finance programme.

On November 15th, we had the pleasure to officialise this partnership at the Université Catholique de Lille who welcomed the official signing:

  • Benoit Arnaud, Dean of Programs
  • Ioannis Panoussis, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Université Catholique de Lille
  • Emmanuel Gardounis, Co-director of the International Law & Finance programme
  • Jean-Christophe Meyfredi, Co-director of the International Law & Finance programme, Directeur de l’EDHEC International BBA
  • Christophe Roquilly, Directeur du EDHEC Augmented Law Institute, Honorary Dean of Faculty

This new innovative and expert degree will give students the opportunity to acquire in 5 years the dual competence in law and finance and thus develop the necessary know-how to exercise a profession specialised in both fields.

Graduates will have the chance to acquire 4 degrees over the 5 years of the programme:

  • 3rd year : Bachelors degree of Law from the FLD
  • 4th year : International BBA from EDHEC
  • 5th year : Master of Law from the FLD
  • 5th year : Master of Science de Finance from EDHEC

L’ensemble du bagage acquis leur permettra de choisir leur domaine de prédilection, tout en ayant acquis des connaissances supplémentaires toujours utiles et valorisantes dans leur future carrière, ou de prétendre à des postes plus hybrides en phase avec les évolutions du monde professionnel qui ne cesse de créer de nouveaux postes nécessitant ces compétences croisées.

This “International Law & Finance” double degree offers the possibility of access to the following sectors of activity :

  • Lawyer or Deputy Counsel in administrative bodies, institutions or authorities
  • Business, financial, banking lawyer
  • Accounting, Audit and Consulting firms
  • Corporate lawyer
  • Trustee and administrator
  • European and international institutions
  • Law and Management

We are very proud of this programme, which will start at the beginning of the academic year 2023 on the campus of the Faculty of Law in Issy-les-Moulineaux (near Paris).

We are even prouder that this programme has been developed by two institutions that are leaders in their fields and that share similar values of excellence, humanism, support and innovative teaching methods that will help students grow and develop into professionals who are citizens and players in the world around them.

International Law & Finance



Article edited the 1 December 2022

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