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European Law Moot Court 2023

The Faculty of Law of the Université Catholique de Lille will host, on March 2nd,  one of the 4 semi-finals of the prestigious ELMC contest.

The European Law Moot Court is an international mock trial competition organised annually since 1998 by the European Law Moot Court Society. Considered as one of the most prestigious EU Law Moot Court, it is one of the most important academic competitions in the world that puts teams of students from all over the world against each other. For students, joining this event is a real added value to their CV but also a chance to live a great human and professional experience.

The process remains the same every year : « the case » to be dealt with is made available to all future participants in September. From then on, between 80 and 100 university teams from Europe and the USA can register and send in their statements of case and defence by 25 november, hoping to be selected for the next stages.

Each brief, after being anonymised, is distributed to the « Moot judges » who then double-check them. The results of the written phase were published on 15 January.

Each year, 48 teams qualify for the oral phase. Then, 4 universities in Europe host the 4 Regional Finals of 12 teams each. Every 4 years, it is in the United States that these finals take place during the 4 weekends of February. From Thursday afternoon to Sunday morning, students of dozens of nationalities will be confronted with the particularly sharp questions of our Judges. This year, one of these 4 finals will be held at the Faculty of Law of the Université Catholique de Lille while our own team, qualified to our great pride, will defend our colours in another European University.

Thursday will be dedicated to welcoming the candidates and teams at the Lille City Hall, in the presence of the Society, which manages the event jointly with the Faculty of Law of the Université Catholique de Lille.

On Friday, pleadings will take place within the walls of the FLD, giving each team the opportunity to shine in front of the 11 judges present for the occasion! At the end of these, the finalists will be announced.

On Saturday, the final will take place at Lille Court of Justice in the presence of oustanding jury members from the world of European Law and prestigious judges. The winners of each regional final will then plead a few weeks later in front of the judges of the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg: a very nice recognition!

This event will be open to the public on the Saturday, and will test the oratory skills of our candidates as well as the ability of each judge to decide between them!


Best of luck to all students, especially to our team who we hope will come back with a medal!

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Article edited the 22 February 2023

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