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Congratulations to all graduates!

On Friday 8th March 2024, the Nouveau Siècle in Lille hosted the Graduation Ceremony for our class of 2022/2023, this time honouring Nelson Mandela for his fight to defend human rights. Nelson Mandela was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993, and defended his society imbued with the Ubuntu spirit, an African ethic of community and unity. A personality who took on all his meaning this year as the FLD celebrated its 30th anniversary of reopening.

A look back at some of the highlights!

On this International Women’s Rights Day, the graduation ceremony for France’s most feminine law faculty opened with speeches by Patrick Scauflaire, President and Rector of the Université Catholique de Lille, and Ioannis Panoussis, Dean of the Faculty of Law at the Université Catholique de Lille.

A large number of accompanying persons, mainly parents, were present in the Nouveau Siècle Auditorium to witness the consecration of the 5 years of study that their child had just completed, marking the opening of a new chapter in their lives. The intimate atmosphere in a room in an auditorium decorated in the colours of the FLD reflected the spirit of a humanist school.

1,200 people came to celebrate this special moment. Among them, of course, were all the teaching staff, who were very moved to be able to accompany their students on stage and give them a touching message. The administrative team, positioned in the front row, had plenty of time to enjoy the spotlight on each graduating class.

More than 398 graduates took to the stage, and of course the valedictorians, who were thanked by the Dean in person for the seriousness and commitment they have shown in their studies. Dressed in gowns and headdresses, the famous hat toss, a unique moment every year, brought the ceremony to an end and launched the rest of the festivities!

And it was over a glass of champagne at a cocktail party in the heart of the Nouveau Siècle that parents, accompanying adults, graduates, teachers and administrative staff were able to share their memories of their graduating year. It was a wonderful opportunity to get closer to their families and share with them this highly symbolic moment when each former student was able to reflect on his or her career at the Faculty of Law, Université Catholique de Lille.

Many thanks to our loyal partners Dalloz and Furet du Nord, who do us the honour of taking part in this event every year!

As always, the ceremony lived up to its promise, and our young graduates are now preparing to set off on their own journeys with their heads full of memories. Well done and congratulations on their achievements!

Video of the evening, coming soon!

Article edited the 19 March 2024

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