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Human Rights v. Equality

Litigating Roma Discrimination before Courts

Nicole Garbin

  European Roma Right’s Center – Budapest

Roma are one of Europe’s oldest, largest and most marginalised ethnic minorities.
Albeit protection against discrimination is enshrined in all main international human rights instruments as well as within both the EU law and the European Convention of Human Rights, Roma experience discrimination and rights abuses in every major area of their life.

Through an overview of selected cases brought before the European Court of Human Rights and UN bodies, the most important concepts of non-discrimination and their application to Roma rights abuses will be explored. Finally, by working on a case study, the participants will be given the opportunity to understand, from a more pragmatic perspective, Roma’s struggle for equality, its achievements, and challenges.


Nicole Garbin is a Lawyer at the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC), an international public interest law organisation working to combat anti-Romani racism and human rights abuse of Roma through strategic litigation, research and policy development, advocacy and human rights education. Nicole holds a Master degree in Legal Studies from the University of Trieste (Italy) and a Master degree in Human Rights and Humanitarian Law from Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas (France). She is a qualified Italian lawyer and worked for Italian and French law firms before joining the ERRC legal team in January 2015.


Conveners and Discussants

Dr Valentina Volpe – Dean Ioannis Panoussis

Co-directors Master in Human Rights, Security and Development – FLD



Noémie Delli-Vaneecloo – c3rd@univ-catholille.fr
Bastien Bezu – bastien.bezu@laposte.net


Article édité le 6 mars 2018