LL.B. in International Business & Law
(double degree – IESEG)

This dual degree in Law and Management is a five-year studies programme, which remains unique in France and allows students to gain multidisciplinary competencies associated with a strong analytical capacity, rigor, critical analysis and synthesis. With this programme, the Faculty of Law and IESEG train tomorrow’s professionals to be able to serve interdisciplinary functions in the domains of Human Resources, Law, or Finance and become Lawyers, legal practitioners, Directors of Human Resources, or Directors of Finance, all in an international environment.
Courses are taught in French and in English and students must complete a mandatory six-month university exchange abroad. In addition, the 12 months of internships, which students must complete during the five years of the programme, allow them to gain significant experience before entering the labour market.


  • (Future) holder of Baccalauréat/A-Level
  • Good level in English (B2 level according to the Common European Framework)
  • Good level in French
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Study of French Law, European Law, International Law and Common Law (United Kingdom, United States).


Mastery of fundamental subjects, guaranteeing access to a broad choice of careers.


Understanding of the complementarity of Law and Management.


Professionalisation (12 months of internships in whole).


International open-mindedness with a mandatory six-month university exchange at a partner establishment.


Learning of a new language.

Year 1 programme


Métier de l’étudiant
Organization of justice
General introduction to Law
Constitutional Law (Constitution et Histoire Constitutionnelle)
Civil Law (Introduction en droit privé)
Constitutional Law (La Ve République)
Civil Law (Droit de la famille)
European Integration
UK Contract Law
Legal English


Mathématiques – Analyse
Comprendre la Diversité Culturelle
Introduction to marketing
Intelligence collective
Efficacité relationnelle via le théâtre
English for Business

Comptabilité Générale & Financière
Prise de parole en public
Intelligence collective
Statistiques Descriptives
Comprendre la Diversité Culturelle
Business Exploration
Sociologie du travail
Talents 1


Possibilité d’une LV1 : allemand, espagnol, chinois


Ouverture professionnelle et sociale : 1 month

Year 2 programme


Administrative law (Règles de droit administratif et missions de l’Administration)
Civil law (Contract law)
Administrative law (Moyens juridiques et responsabilité de l’Admnistration)
Civil law (Civil Liability)
Contract litigation in the US
Criminal Law (General part)
Criminal Law (Specific part)
Legal English
EU Law
Methodology seminar


Conjoncture et Fluctuations Economiques
International and contemporary economy
Finance Fundamentals
Financial Analysis
Marketing Management
Fundamental Of Human Behaviors
Comptabilité Financière Approfondie
Introduction à l’Analyse de Données
Introduction à l’Econométrie
Statistique Inférentielle
Techniques de vente
Communication Interpersonnelle
Affirmation De Soi Par Le Theâtre


Possibilité d’une LV1 : german, spanish, chinese


Career guidance : 2 months
Technique de vente : 1 to 2 days intensive seminar

Year 3 programme


Civil law (Contrats spéciaux)
Commercial law (Commerçants, actes de commerce, l’entreprise et son réseau commercial)
Civil law (Droit des sûretés)
Commercial law (Droit des sociétés)
Employment (individual relations)
Employment law (relations collectives)
UK Company Law
English Tort Law


Performance Management
Financial Markets
Intermediate Econometrics ou Intermediate Data Analysis
Talents 3 – S1
Introduction to HRM
Industrial Realities
Corporate Finance
Introduction to Negotiation
Market Research
Management of Information Systems
Fundamentals of Strategy
Business Game
Restitution Stage BA2
Restitution Stage BA3


Possibilité d’une LV1 : german, spanish, chinese


3 months

Year 4 programme


Law for companies in difficulty
Competition Law
Comparative Contract Law
Intellectual Property Law
Criminal Business Law
Droit des sociétés approfondi
International Trade Law
International Arbitration
Séminaire transversal en droit des affaires


Introduction to Strategic Analysis
Consulting Skills
Change Management
Research Methodology
Business Cycles
2 électifs (cours optionnels de l’étudiant selon liste IESEG)
Preparation for TOEIC


Possibilité d’une LV1 : german, spanish, chinese
Possibility to go on a university exchange for one semester (S1 or S2).

Year 5 programme


Relations du travail en entreprise
Company tax law
Négociation et rédaction contractuelle
Business Law and Digital Technologies
Public Business Law
Pratique des fusions-acquisitions
International Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution Mecanisms


Track Research Seminar
Track Strategy and Company Observation
Business Ethics and Social Responsability
Business game
Risk Management


Possibilité d’une LV1 : German, Spanish, Chinese


Mémoire de fin d’études/ projet de consulting
Stage de fin d’études (à partir de février)




  • Law courses in French and English with a comparative approach.
  • Courses taught by practitioners.
  • Mandatory international mobility (six months).
  • Individualised learning with a professor for foundational courses, seminars and methodology workshops.
  • Management courses which bring together the best of IESEG’s expertise to acquire the dual competency highly appreciated in the business world.

Career development

  • 6 months of mandatory internships over the three years of the bachelor’s programme and 12 months in total over the whole IBL programme.
    Of these 12 months, 6 must be completed in an international or internationalized professional environment.
  • Meetings with Legal practitioners.
  • Personal mentoring for preparing professional and academic careers.

Jobs & Careers / Continuing education

  • Pursue the IBL master offered by the Faculty of Law and IESEG.
  • Become a Lawyer in France or an in-house Legal Counsel, Contract Manager, Compliance Officer,
    Director of Human Resources, or a Marketing or Finance professional around the world or work in
    a role with multidisciplinary functions.
  • Preparation for the French Bar Exam (CRFPA) or for a foreign bar exam.
  • International internship opportunities.

Administrateur judiciaire

Avocat en droit des affaires

compliance manager

Contract Manager

Directeur administratif et financier

Directeur commercial

Directeur des ressources humaines

Directeur juridique


Juriste conseil



FLD experience

I am a second-year student in the International Business Law programme at the Faculty of Law of the Catholic University of Lille and the IESEG School of Management.
I began this dual degree at the end of my first year of law and I am very happy to have made this choice. Hoping to become a business lawyer, the multidisciplinary International Business Law programme allows me to expand my skills in linking law and business, which are two strongly correlating fields. The advantage is to prepare ourselves for diverse professions (business lawyer, tax professional, legal director, director of finance…). Earning two prestigious diplomas, such as the Master of Business Law from FLD and the Master “Grande Ecole” from IESEG, is an important advantage for me, because it will allow me to distinguish myself in the labor market, which is more and more demanding. The management of the programme by an international pedagogical team contributes to its richness and the success of each of us. I especially like the conferences held by international contributors who share their professional experience with us and who introduce us to certain professions that we might practice in the future.
Having an international reach, the IBL programme offers us the opportunity to study at a university abroad during a semester. So, I chose to attend the Law School at Cornell University (USA) to expand my knowledge of International Law and Common Law. This experience in the United States, like in other international partner universities of the FLD and IESEG, is a chance for the students in the programme to orientate themselves towards an eventual international career. Joining this IBL programme has been, for me, a rich experience that I recommend to all who wish to become managers or experienced legal professionals.

Gautier Bétoux, IBL 2e année, 2017-2018

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